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Tin Pot Creamery

At Tin Pot Creamery, ice cream and baked goods start with the best organic and local ingredients.  Our pastry chefs handcraft ice creams, mix-ins, baked goods, sauces and toppings in small batches every day.  We make French-style ice cream, meaning that in addition to cream and milk, egg yolks are added for richness – resulting in a custard-like base.  We churn our ice cream in a gelato type machine, which minimizes air and produces a denser, creamier and more delicious ice cream.  With a focus on offering the most robust flavors, we use the finest locally sourced ingredients such as Strauss Organic Dairy, TCHO chocolate, Mighty Leaf Tea™, and honey from Bay Area Bee Company – making Tin Pot a genuinely special experience. 

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